Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes! Fall in love!!

I will introduce this comedian "Fall in love". Man's name is Hajime and woman's name is Barbie. They perform 1minits love story. This story is too dramatic, but this two people perform dramatically. So it is very funny, I think. And they say "Yes! Fall in love!!" at the end. This phrase is their catchword. They say bringing their each hand together. I like this phrase very much, so I recently use it very often. Please say "Yes! Fall in love!!" And check them on You Tube!! http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=uOSqGDEkOj4


Mattu said...

Recently, I often watched them on TV. Barbie became pretty. I like the phrase,"Yes! Fall in love!!"

Poreum said...

Actually I have never heard, "Yes! fall in love!!" how do they say in Japanese?
Anyway, It seems sooo funny! I wanna watch it and hear they say Yes fall in love! haha

Oneeyan said...

I know them. When I saw them on TV at first, I gazed at their performance unconsciously (^^)!!
Are they real couple?? Do they love each other??

Akira said...

I love them! They are really funny!