Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hiking Walking

Today I will introduce this comedian "Hiking Walking". You may often watch them at "Red carpet"which is broadcasted on Wednesday 10:00 p.m. Always the left person "Mr.Suzukix" makes a funny illusion. For example, he drinks cola drinks and then he says the name of station on the Yamanote Line without belching. Belching is "Geppu" in Japanese. However his illusion always end in failure. This foolish his action is very funny. He is a little "Kimoi", but he is worth watching at once!! He makes many kind of illusion, so please check it out. You must laugh.http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=3kvSUTCpf0Y


puja said...

they are not so funny i think, but so-so i like. good choice.

Kengo said...

hey, I watched red carpet yeaterday.
Their illusion is awesome!!!!!haha

Chiro said...

I sometimes watched them on the TV. To my surprise, he (with long hair) could recognize a part of beef perfectly without looking!! He just ate and answered the part he ate!!

Tomoka said...

wow I like the man on the right very much!!!! he is so cool, isnt he?!haha
I watched their illusion this week by chance! Mr.Suzuki was able to finish a dangerous car stunt without geppu, that was amazing! haha
and did you watch he turned into a really cool guy like a model in "London hearts" last year?? that was also amazing!!