Thursday, January 15, 2009

My boom

Recently I have many favorite comedians. I will introduce some of them and their gags. First comedian is "Hibiki". Do you know?? I'll show you their picture!
The right fat person always wears a sailors uniform. And his famous saying line is "Doumo suimasendeshita!!" He makes frightening face when he says so.Next, I show them, "The Panchi"

I like the left person. His greeting is "chacchacha-su". I like this sound very very much. Please try to say "chacchacha-su". And his hair permed into short. Their cont also funny!!Last one is "King of comedy".

They are really funny!! The left person also always wears a sailors uniform. He says what people feel uncomfortable. However, it is funny. His words are, "Tekina~" and " Mitaina~!"I often imitate him when I am high tension. These three comedians are very popular now. You have to watch them soon!!

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bugs said...

this is great. i wish you would continue your blog.