Monday, November 3, 2008

Live at school festival

This Sunday I went to Kyoto Industrial University to see comedy live. I like comedy very much, so I went there and it took about 2 hours!! As soon as we arrived at there, the live had just started. First "Smile" which are consists of two men appeared on the stage.

The right person is "Uh~ Yhea~Yoshitaka". He always says "Uh~Yhea~!!" sticking out his thumb. He looks like a monkey. Actually he wears monkey-printed T-shirts. When I saw their Manzai, I could not help laughing! Next, "Asian" appeared on the stage.

Asian's member are Sumida and Babazono. Sumida is famous for her plain features. Babazono is fat however she is cute and there are some girls who imitate Babazono's fashion. Their Manzai is about Japanese "Enka". They sang Enka in funny way, so it was very fun! Sunday I really enjoyed comedy live!! I want to go other comedy live!


nakanakamuuura said...

I like "Uh~Yhea~!!". I also think he is monkey. Could you take those pictures in the univercity??

Mattu said...

You really like comedy, don't you? I like comedy too, but I was surprised to know that it took you about 2 hours to go there! I think school festival is a good chance to meet performers directly. I want to go such comedy live too!