Monday, May 12, 2008


 Today I will introduce a Japanese comedian "Kano Eiko". He imitates a host and entertains with funny talk. He often says "ramen tsukemen boku ikemen!" and "staffu~". Japanese "ikemen" means cool, stylish and elegant man. He assumes that he is "ikemen", but in fact he is not so "ikemen". I think he is not "ikemen" but he is a very funny comedian. I don't know why, but I want to imitate his way of talking. If you watch him, you would like to imitate his way of talking, too! So please watch him on the youtube !


Poreum said...

I didnot know who he isbut now I think I have heard his phraise :)
Thanks for telling me~:)

AYANA said...

I like him too! He is very funny. A friend of mine sets the melody of telephone call to his voice "ramen tsukemen boku ikemen!"haha

nakanakamuuura said...

I like him very much!! I think he is Ikemen!! Staff~