Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today I will introduce "Edo Harumi". She is the most popular in Japan now. She has a very funny gag. It is "Guuu~"!! When she says this phrase, she holds up her thumb like a above picture. And she does "guu guu dance". In this dance, she says "Hop step jumpinguuuu~!". Now many Japanese imitate her. I often see children imitate her phrase. Of course I sometimes imitate her by saying "Guu~". If you use "Guu~", you would feel funny! Please try Edo Harumi. Then I put her video, so please watch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeDwSOSQeoM


YuUKa said...

I really like her.
She is beautiful and elegant even she is a comedian :D

and I like her "Guuu" gag! When I use this, I feel excitinGuuuu~! lol

Tomoka said...

I like her very much!
I didn't like her strange gaguu~ at first, but I like it now♪
When I saw her documentary TV program, I found she is a very hard worker.
And she is very nice and young lookinguu~!(I don't imitate Yuuka:P)lol☆

puja said...

Oh she is famous famous "Edo harumi". She is GUU and your blog also GUU.

Shagy said...

im also the one who like her. your blog is also interestinguuu.lol

megumi said...

I heard she released CD!
It's very surprisinguu~!