Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hit and Run

Today I introduce "Torii Miyuki". She is a beautiful woman like above picture, but she is crazy. She always wear white pajamas and has a teddy bear. Moreover she is always in bare feet. Her performance start like this " Masako no bousou mousou yumeshibai..." This meaning is maybe " Masako's speeding fantasy." And the most famous phrase is " Hit and Run." Almost all of people can't underatand her performance and her charactor. Of course I can't under stand, neither. But recentry I like her gradually. When I'm tired and I watch her on TV, I can get energy from her strangeness. Please watch her when you are tired(^^) http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=3TetqLUJI_M


Yurino said...

I also think she is very beautifl woman. I am tired now,so I try to watch her perfprmance.

Oneeyan said...

I can't also understand what she is saying. And sometimes I feel scared(^^)However as you say, she gives us energy!!

YuUKa said...
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YuUKa said...

I like her veeery much ;)
Although I was so scared when I watched her on TV first time. haha

Her face is really basutiful, and I also like her make up!! :D